I really don't know how I can address you. There are many possibilities, each seems right, and combinations seem even more right than the single ones, yet at the same time you can be a guest, reader, traveller, spy, fugitive, adventurer, troublemaker, malice virus, benign bacteria, lost, intruder, and nobody knows who else – that's why I leave here a blank space – WHITE SPACE – instead, so that you have a chance to put here a title you find the most appropriate. O course, you do this in your mind. Let it be WHITE TITLE.

Probably you have reached the most mysterious place. In fact nothing is known about it, except it exists, although even this is not so very sure. Many people consider it but a product of imagination, so staying here, examining and penetrating this place is also a product of imagination. You stop to imagine and it simply disappears. You can also switch off the computer. Maybe those who think that way are right. However an anxiety remains and it indicates that such simple methods like switching off a computer, closing a book or just forgetting, are not as efficient as they might seem. Well, even if it was a matter of imagination, we have to remember that anything once imagined, once thought about, will remain, is recorded, is saved – no matter where it is stored, dust and dirt begin to cover it slowly, no matter if somebody remembers it or not; small scratches, tiny cracks, hardly visible tarnished stains keep appearing . . . . . . what was immaterial, or pretended to be immaterial or just wanted to be considered immaterial and dreamt about it, slowly is becoming material, substantial, although maybe it would be better to write and speak about becoming visible . . . . . . . .

Nobody knows when white tunnels were invented. It is not known when somebody imagined them and who this person was. It is not known if this was a person. It is not know who thought about them for the first time, when an unclear, misty vision of them rushed through one's head. Nothing, absolutely nothing is known about the history of white tunnels. One can only guess. There are no documents, no descriptions, no plans, no maps, no sketches. There are no legends, no fables, no tales told silently with trembling voice as if somebody telling them was afraid that telling them loudly would push the teller into such a tunnel and it was better not to speak at all where this tunnel could run to. So, the situation is a bit different than in the case of the mysterious net of corridors and cellars that is supposed to exist under a small town sited on the hill top – the entire hill should be perforated like a piece of hard cheese, and some corridors are told to reach a cloister almost ten kilometres away from the town ….. well, in fact there's one corridor linking the castle with the monastery. But the castle is totally ruined, the secret entries to the belly of the hill are ruined too . . . . . . . . . Even if there's no labyrinth under the ground surface, there is the hill, it exists, stumps of the wall on it, so even extremely lazy and rusty imagination would suffice. It's really easy to imagine black holes and black tubes cut in the light grey or grey-white, almost whitish rocks. If so, it won't be a trouble to see the negative: it's enough to remember a bright corridor in an old coal mine maybe even with walls covered with gleaming tiles ….. Nothing like that. Uniqueness of white tunnels consists in the fact they are cut, if this is the right word but I'm afraid it is not, in white space. In white EMPTY (blank) space. This may suggest some red tunnels existing somewhere in red, empty space, or yellow tunnels in yellow space. The tunnels exist due to the slightly different shade which makes distinguishing possible. Or slightly different texture. (Could the famous and renown white square on white background be the entrance to one of those tunnels? Could be or was? Or is?) If the extraordinary white tunnels are not a simple inversion of ordinary black tunnels, it will be hard to write and talk in this very case about the phenomenon of tunneling or antitunneling, as well as about inversive or negative tunneling.

It's better to talk and write nothing.
 It's better to go in.