I kindly inform this is not the tourist
information office. Such an office has absolutely
no sense here, since there is nothing that can be considered,
even despite my and your best intentions, a tourist attraction.
There are but unattractive things and sites here. Of course, I do
understand, the total lack of attraction can be highly attractive and
bring some extreme feelings and experiences to visitors. And so what?
 So nothing. Absolutely nothing. Forget it.

I inform, as kindly as previously, that any tourist activities will not
be welcome here. Because of that (and of some other reasons) no guides
are available. No marked itineraries, no indications, no prompts.
No manuals, either.

And......... I inform, also kindly, that this is no information office.
I inform nobody about nothing. I give no instructions. Shortly writing:


However, the total lack of information provides one very important

piece of information:
everything is information.

This is what I inform about with utmost pleasure and satisfaction.

Please remember, the official language of Liberland is
any language.