from the mountain top ^^^
One can see this so clearly from here,
in Liberland is a word, phrase, nor a letter.
not a word, phrase or letter?     But nothing
Again words? Is there anything in Liberland that is
across the sky. The clouds are flowing like words, like thoughts.
They don't pinch much. We are lying and looking at clouds flowing
this stake. Let us lie on them. It's quite comfortable to lie on them.
hundreds of times retold, thousands of times repeated. Let them lie in this pile,
Or vice versa. Oh! Let's take these pre and post modern legends easy, those legends 
end and the new world will begin. The bad world will end, the good world will begin.
 this world will change itself so thoroughly, it will stop to be what it was like, or it will
the end of the world. It means: the end of this world and the beginning of another one. It means:
It should be added, though everybody guess and expect it, that recomposing the text will cause
a funny film lasting less than two minutes. Oh! They so much underestimate the power of mumbling.
easier. A very short and easy story written in their language. Needless to say they will prefer
transforming nonsense mumbling into clear phrases. No, thank you. They keep looking for something
eager to do so. Which is understandable. Too much work! Just imagine digging and digging around,
will get power over the whole world........ An attractive prospect this would be, yet nobody's
and words and put them back together and reconstruct the book will know everything. And of course
out and scattered around and turned into stones and rocks. The one who will get back those letters
the whole wisdom. Somebody who had no right to open it did so, and all letters and all words spilled
what this book was like, however a legend would not be a legend if it didn't say this book contained
rains..... While the others maintain a book was the point, not a library. Nobody knows which book,
collapsed, and straight aisles turned into chaotic pile. The walls tumbled down due to winds and
bark beetles or some other bark-beetle-like creatures weakened the shelves and boards so much they simply
to show they are the Initiated, it was destroyed, simply because it was too old, nobody took care of it,
mention, most probably because they don't know them, not because they don't want to reveal them and want
They say one day in the past there was a huge library here, but due to some reasons, which they can not
sitting on a chair.  These rocks are supposed to be fossilized books. This is what some people used to say.
can not be excluded; a heart attack can hit everybody in any situation, one can break one's leg even while
it is a pile of stones. Nevertheless dramatic options are not expected – of course, a tragedy or a catastrophe
a cold, mossy rock. Or on a warm, even hot one. As you like. This mountain looks like a pile of stones. In fact
sometimes, grasses can have sharp blades, but on the top you can take off the shoes and put the tired feet on
Bare feet won't do. No, definitely not. The path is quite stony, with many gnarled roots, thorny bushes can crawl
There are no vertical walls, glaciers and precipices. Ordinary shoes will do. Absolutely. Even sandals will do.
now it is there. It sways and rocks. Some effort is needed, some sweat, too. But climbing equipment is not needed.
skittish and fickle. And weather is not the point. It just likes to move. To change its position. Now it is here,
climbing easy enough. But not exceedingly. One can't get there by car. Nor by helicopter. The mountain can be really
This mountain has right size. The exact size. It is exactly as it should be to see the most from the top and to make
gives us a chance to look beyond a wall, then we can see really much more. Different things can happen. As usually.
Especially when the book is bulky. Nevertheless this “a wee bit more” can mean “unnoticeably more”. But if the book
bit more. Sometimes it may happen it's enough to stand on a book to see really more than when we stand on the floor.
and flowing. Of course, the mountain can't be too small, because then nothing can be seen from its top. Or only a wee
mix, unite into a patch, while up there the eyes can see nothing but emptiness, with neither birds nor clouds flying
high mountain one can see nothing, because all things down there are so small they merge and smudge, blend, melt and
and then it is the other way round. At first a little, then exactly the other way round. From the top of a very very
can be seen from the top. It's exactly the other way round. Well, at first it is as it should be, as it is expected,
shoulders and backs?     This mountain is not high. Well, it's not like it seems to be: the higher mountain, the more
a chance to look around and to see more than we can see down here. How can we see more having all around us heads,
top – maybe only a crowd of angels on the needle tip is worse. The mountain top is, among others purposes, to give us
nice. The mountain does not welcome crowds either. Probably there is nothing worse than a crowd of people on a mountain
will change. As usually they try to scare us. They don't want to have crowds. And they are right. A crowd isn't anything
nasty weather is also on the top – it may happen that half way to the top or right after we begin climbing the weather
Oh! Is there anybody who would care about this ban? The fact that down here the weather is bad does not mean that the